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How to Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Let’s admit it. We all miss our family and friends! We miss going out for brunch, weekend getaways, and a good ol’ dinner party. Even still, we shouldn’t completely pause all activities. We can still throw a fun gathering – virtually!

It may take some extra work in order to pull a virtual dinner party together, but it’ll be worth it in the end. See your friends smiling faces while enjoying your favorite wine and cheese is just what we all need during this unprecedented time.

Confused on how to execute a seamless night? No worries – we’ve got a simple guide to help you execute your next dinner party.

First, choose a streaming platform. Each streaming platform is a little different – so choose the one that works best for your party. If you plan on inviting less tech-savvy people, keep that in mind. If you choose to invite your entire high school graduating class, remember to choose a platform with high guest count capability.

Second, decide on a theme. Deciding on a theme is completely optional, but there are a few reasons you’d want to stick with something cohesive. Chiefly, if you have a theme, others can set their expectations appropriately. For example, if you choose a Taco Tuesday theme, others can guess that it’ll be a casual night with margaritas! On the other hand, if you choose a theme of Met Gala Monday, guests would guess its a night of dress-up and fancy charcuterie.

Third, select your menu items. Selecting your menu items will be a lot smoother if you have a theme. If you choose to not elect a theme, still choose a menu. A few ideas are barbecue, appetizers, pasta, Mexican, or burgers. Regardless of what you choose, it’s important to send the menu (and the recipes!) to your guests at least one week in advance. That’ll give them time to grocery shop and prepare on their end before the party. Need some inspiration? Check out Food Network’s Fan Favorite’s List.

Fourth, prep for the party. Why is it important to prep for the party? For one, it’s fun setting up the margarita machine or setting out the nice dinner trays. For two, a typical virtual dinner party only lasts about one hour, and there’s no time to grab last-minute items while the party is going on. Having your space decorated, prepped, and ready-to-go will help you focus on entertaining your guests.

Fifth, enjoy the party! This goes without saying. Enjoy yourself! Often when hosting a dinner party, we forget that the party should be just as exciting and fun for us as it is for the participants. It’s okay to have a glass of wine while hosting. The party will go on if you don’t stick with the schedule exactly. Let your hair down and have a little fun.

Want to make the party extra fun? Include an adult game like charades or Pictionary for the guests to participate in virtually. Head’s Up (an App by Ellen) is hilarious on camera, too! Give that a try!

Lastly, follow-up with guests. We know – this sounds quite strange. The reason you’ll want to follow-up with your attendees is to send any photos or videos you took during the big night. If your guest have screenshots they want to share, that would be the perfect opportunity to do so as well.

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