Tell it now. Save it forever.

Remember that time we all went hunting and gathering together?

Who will ever forget when funky old King Tut built those pyramids!

How Neil A. remembers the time he stepped on the moon back in 1969!

Why Story?


What’s it about? It’s about the story.
It’s always about the story.
What did she do? How did he live? Who are we? 


People want that story, and they want it to be good! A great story makes them laugh or cry.  It fills in all the blanks and brings it all to a rich, full life. 


StorySpot helps you tell your stories in a more powerful way. We give you an easy-to-use but powerful platform to build rich, multimedia stories about anything. Yourself. A person you love. An event. A season. An organization. 


After you’ve created it, you get to choose who to share it with. Just your family?  Friends? Colleagues? Or the entire world? If you’re telling your organization’s story, StorySpot can help you put as many individual stories as you like on your website and social media. 


You can update the story anytime you like and you can save it forever, sharing it with the next generation, and the next, and the next. As you like!


For thousands of years, humans have told stories, hoping they would be remembered. Think about the earliest cave drawings, the pyramids, the Mona Lisa, the millions of photos and diaries. They were all made for the same simple reason. To tell other people, other generations even,  “this is how I lived. This is what I believed. This is what I loved.”

So go ahead. Tell your unique story. 

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