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Showing Appreciation

Teachers are inspiring us more and more every day.

There’s a good chance your children aren’t returning to the traditional classroom this semester – and that’s okay. Virtual learning is new for many of us, so we should do our part to ensure we give our children a safe space to explore and grow in this new environment.

How do we do our part? That’s a great question. It’s our job to show up with twice the enthusiasm, a healthy amount of optimism, and a dedicated space for our youngsters to learn. The rest will work itself out. Know a teacher who deserves a huge “thank you”? Create a StorySpot to show your appreciation! Use coupon code FTPVphPG for $19.99 off and package. Combine photos, videos, audio, and illustrated stories to help tell your favorite teacher “you are appreciated.” Stumped on what to include? Check out our favorite teacher appreciation StorySpot here.

How else can you keep spirits high during this unique time? Read the following blog posts and sink into a feel-good mood.

  • Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy (OVCA) senior Lydia England used her online education to become an Academic All-State! Read more here.
  • Teachers used to be in charge of the classroom setting. Now – it’s your turn. Where do you put the read-aloud books? Where do the extra supplies go? How can you ensure your child is on task and attentive? USA Today put together some tips to help you out. Check out their blog for extra resources.
  • A small gesture encouraged a principal to write a book, in hopes to address the elephant in the room during COVID social distancing. Check out “No hugs. No bugs” on Amazon.