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Share to social media OK OK OK
Unlimited changes OK OK OK
Multimedia slideshow OK OK OK
Song playlist in Spotify OK OK OK
Changes for 1 year OK OK OK
Invite co-creators OK OK
Illustrated stories 5 20 50
Pictures in photo gallery 10 50 100
Audio recordings Up to 2 hours Up to 5 hours
Video recordings Up to 15 minutes Up to 30 minutes
Renew after 1 year $0.99/month or $11/year $0.99/month or $11/year $0.99/month or $11/year
Safeguard Forever* $49.99 $49.99 $49.99
Start for Free Start for Free Start for Free

*Due to rapid technology innovation, we cannot guarantee our cloud storage methods will be relevant and suitable forever.
We can promise to save your data on our private servers for the next 25 years with communication in the future around your privacy and data storage.
Safeguarding forever guarantees access to unlimited changes for 25 years. Add memories, milestones, and media on your own terms.