How it Works

You choose what to include in a StorySpot: photos, music, stories, audio or video, or a little of each! Use StorySpot's customizable template to craft a multimedia creation that captures the individual, occasion, or group story.

Unlimited Changes

Add, remove, or change any elements or features of your StorySpot for free, as often as you like.


Invite as many friends, colleagues, and family as you like to help tell a richer story.

Make it Multimedia

Upload photos from Facebook, your computer, or your phone. Choose from 30 million songs on Spotify. Add or upload videos from YouTube or your own devices. In the oral history tradition, you can even record and upload audio files to bring the story to life!

Create a Slideshow

Build a captivating slideshow with pictures from your gallery, clever captions, and a musical soundtrack from Spotify.

Create Illustrated Stories

Enrich your StorySpot with stories, memories, and photos from friends and family members.

Save Your StorySpot on Your Computer

StorySpot lets you save your creation as a file that you can share with anyone as an email attachment, on a thumb drive, or other memory card.

Sharing and Privacy

Share with as many or as few people as you like. Just you? Great! Just your family? That’s cool, too. All your Facebook friends? Your colleagues and classmates? No problem!

You Run the Show

As the StorySpot creator, you decide on the content, your collaborators, and the audience.

No Advertising

To keep the focus where it belongs, stories you tell on StorySpot are ad-free.

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