Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a StorySpot?

Traditionally, we mark special occasions with flowers, chocolates, trophies, plaques, gifts, or a fancy meal. We also tell stories!

StorySpot gives you the power to give a multimedia digital story, crafted by you! What better way to share your stories than by telling that special story - in words, picture galleries and slideshows, video, and music? All in one place!

Make it extra meaningful by sharing it with other friends, colleagues, and family members or by making it a permanent digital story for future generations.

How do I get all my stuff together?

While StorySpot gives you the power to build a multimedia story, you also must be prepared to import photos, audios, videos, stories, links, etc. How long this takes depends on your organizational skills and collaboration volume.

Like most people, memories are all over the place: on your phone, in your desk drawer, on multiple computers, or at Aunt Mabel's house.

Tip: Create a folder on your desktop with your photos, videos, and recordings. It'll be easier to upload if they are all in one place.

How can I share my StorySpot website?

Once you’ve completed your StorySpot, you can easily share it via a unique URL link and on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You choose who gets to see it.

Can I remove a StorySpot I created?

Yes! You can deactivate your StorySpot account whenever you like. Access to deactivation can be found in your profile account page. Of course, you can re-activate your account at any time.

What does it cost?

The basic Storyteller product is $19.99. To increase the capacity of your multimedia StorySpot, upgrade to the Master Storyteller or Master Historian plans. You may want to give us a try first by clicking on the 14-day trial option.

Find out more on our pricing page.

How long will my StorySpot be active?

As long as you like!

We envision a future where everyone’s StorySpot can live in cyberspace eternally. The site you build can be removed whenever you or a designated collaborator asks to take it off, or if it violates our Terms of Use. Currently, you can keep it live for 25 years.

How does StorySpot protect my privacy?

Only you choose who can access the story you create and who can add elements.

We never share your data or your story without your permission and are compliant with the latest privacy regulations as well as best practices.

Read our Privacy Policy here.

Can I add new features and content whenever?

Yes! You can share a story then continue to add pictures, videos, songs, and whatever you like, whenever you like. You can further customize your StorySpot by adding captions, collaborating with others, and adding songs straight from Spotify!

Need more help? Check out our tutorials page!

How do I create a StorySpot?

Get started with a few clicks craft an awesome digital story celebrating any occasion, event, or group.

First, gather your photos, then add your desired media. After that, finalize, and share! It's that simple.

Missing your activation email?

Please send a note to with your user name and "activation" in the subject field. We strive to reply within 48 hours.

You can also request contact through our support system.