Quality Family Time

Need new quarantine activities? We’ve got you covered.

We understand people may be looking for new activities and meaningful ways to spend their time (aside from rewatching the Office for the 8th time), so we brainstormed some fresh ideas perfect for staying home.

Art: The perfect way to get those creative juices flowing is to draw, paint, or watercolor. Whether you’re a skilled artist or just getting started, this can be an excellent way to de-stress and create something beautiful.

Need some help getting paint night started? Here’s our favorite YouTuber’s account. Angela Anderson has over 255,000 subscribers and you’ll see why. Her paint tutorials cater to a host of skill levels, making her a great quarantine family activity.

Gardening: Maybe you’re tired of no fresh basil or you’re usually on-the-go so you can’t keep up with a garden – either way developing a green-thumb during this time brings purpose, delicious vegetables, and lovely flowers into your life.

Can’t find the best gardening guide? Try Pinterest! There’s a slew of planting tips out there. Want to use our favorite guide? Your children will love this easy mini garden project.

StorySpot: Say thank you, send congratulations, celebrate birthdays, or spend time reminiscing and recording family traditions and memories. With StorySpot you can do all this and more! Spend your time at home creating a meaningful, unique gift for those special people in your life.

Want some inspiration? Check out our favorite generational StorySpot. The Cohen-Blanche family came together to create a unique, timeless digital scrapbook for their family. Notice any similarities with your own family traditions? Us, too!

Cooking/Mixology: We’ve all seen the banana bread, creative cocktails, and whipped coffee creations trending on social media. We challenge you to head to the kitchen and get working on the next big thing!

Don’t know what to try? Check out the Food Network’s official List of the Best Food Network Kitchen Recipes here.

Use this unique time to create something special, beautiful, or delicious for your family, yourself, or loved ones without leaving your house.