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Answers To Common Questions

How do I get all my stuff together?

StorySpot gives you the power to build a multimedia story, but that means you've got to know how to bring in photos, audios, videos, stories, links, etc. How long this takes depends on how organized you are and on whether you are building by yourself or with the help of others. If you're like me, you've got stuff all over the place, on your phone, in a desk drawer, on multiple computers, or at your aunt Mabel's house.

Do not fear! You can get all the items you need to build a StorySpot together surprisingly easy:
1. Create a folder on your computer called StorySpot.
2. Search your computer for all photos (how? )

Creating a StorySpot Folder

Let's face it, the best way to do this is to ask the closest 12 year old. Your kid, grandkid, nephew

What is StorySpot?

StorySpot is an easy to use app website that helps you tell a multimedia story about someone you love or respect, living or lost. Use StorySpot to say “I love you” to mom or dad, or both! Use StorySpot to weave pictures, video, music, and stories together in a way that honors a couple reaching their 50th anniversary, a graduate, or your favorite teacher, veteran or perhaps to mark the career milestones of someone entering retirement. With StorySpot, anyone can create a permanent, digital tribute that tells the story of a life.

Why create a StorySpot?

Traditionally, we mark special occasions with flowers, chocolates, gifts, or a fancy meal. StorySpot gives you the power to give a multimedia digital tribute, crafted by you, to that special person in your life. What better way to show your love and admiration than by telling their story - in words, pictures, video, and music? Make it extra meaningful by sharing it with other friends and family members or by making it a permanent digital tribute for future generations.

Ready? Let’s get started

Honor your loved ones with an amazing digital time-capsule