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Answers To Common Questions

Why create a StorySpot?

Traditionally, we mark special occasions with flowers, chocolates, gifts, or a fancy meal. StorySpot gives you the power to give a multimedia digital tribute, crafted by you, to that special person in your life. What better way to show your love and admiration than by telling their story - in words, pictures, video, and music? Make it extra meaningful by sharing it with other friends and family members or by making it a permanent digital tribute for future generations.

How do I create a StorySpot Folder?

Let's face it, the best way to do this is to ask the closest 12 year old. Your kid, grandkid, or young next door neighbor.

How do I get all my stuff together?

StorySpot gives you the power to build a multimedia story, but that means you've got to know how to import photos, audios, videos, stories, links, etc. How long this takes depends on your organization skills and collaboration volume.

Like most people, memories are all over the place: on your phone, in your desk drawer, on multiple computers, or at your merman or Aunt Mabels house.

What does it cost?

The basic product is free. For more customization and richer multimedia StorySpot, upgrade to the Master Storyteller or Master Historian plans. If you choose to keep your StorySpot for an extended period, or a lifetime, select that option at checkout. Find out more on our pricing page.

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