We've put together a set of video tutorials and guides to help you if you get stuck.

Happy building.

How do I get started on my StorySpot?

Step 1: Create your account here.
Step 2: Build and add content (and invite collaborators if you wish)
Step 3: Finalize and share with whoever you choose

Remember to save often!

Need more explanation? Here's a video tutorial.

How can I add songs through Spotify?

Step 1: In the Playlists section, click "create a new playlist" (or login to Spotify directly from your page)
Step 2: Type the artist, song title, album, or playlist and press enter on your keyboard
Step 3: Click the blue plus sign to add. Each new song will be added to the end of the playlist

To edit a playlist, click the settings gear to the left of the trashcan icon. Here's a video tutorial if you need extra help.

How do I re-order slides, stories, or milestones?

Step 1: Click "re-order slides" in the top left corner of the slideshow section.
Step 2: Drag and drop your photo to a new position.
Step 3: Click "save". Each pop-up will automatically exit once successfully saved

For stories and milestones: use the same steps, except drag and drop feature is three horizontal lines in the top left corner of each story or milestone. This video tutorial can further explain.

How can I invite collaborators?

Step 1: From your homepage, hover over the StorySpot you want to edit
Step 2: Choose the icon with 3 silhouette people
Step 3: In the top righthand corner, choose "invite collaborators" (you can invite as many as you wish)
Step 4: Enter their email and press send

Remind them to collaborate with the same steps as above. Watch this video tutorial for more assistance.

How do I upload multiple files at once?

Step 1: From your gallery, click "upload files"
Step 2: Navigate to your desired photos and videos.
Step 3: Press command+click (iOS) or control+click (Wnidows) simultaniously while choosing your files.
Step 4: Confirm photos and videos, then add to your gallery.

Photos automatically save once uploaded to your gallery. Need a visual walkthrough? Here's a helpful video tutorial.

What if there's no tutorial for what I need?

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also reach out to us through our support system.

P.S. We offer screen-sharing and video calls to personally assist users while building.

If you'd like to schedule a call, email support@storyspot.com with the subject "Screen-Share Walkthrough"