Leaving a Legacy

Ways to Leave a Legacy

At least once in our lives, we ask the question, “what will I leave behind?”

So, what’s your answer? What will you leave behind? How do you want to be remembered? Regardless of your answer, there are ways to ensure you’ll be remembered forever.

Become someone’s role model. Find someone to become your prodigy, your mentee, or your disciple. Teaching a youngster some technical skils or life skills could inspire them to teach someone else! Plus you may learn something from them, too!

Volunteer. The impact you make while volunteering can last decades. Imagine being a big brother, or big sister, and tutoring a 5th-grade student who soon becomes a lawyer, or doctor, artist, or the next president. The relationships you make while volunteering can transcend generations – so get out there and volunteer.

Make family history. Are you the first one in your family to graduate from college? Did you create a recipe for the best pumpkin pie on this side of the Mississippi? Write it down and share it with loved ones. In this fast-moving world, it’s important to remember that some events are big deals. Don’t let the chance to celebrate slip through the cracks.

Share your blessings. If you are in a fortunate position to have money left over each month after bills and savings, give back! Donate to your child’s school, make homeless care packages, or offer to pick up the tab on someones restaurant bill. Do your part to pay it forward.

Create a digital family scrapbook. You know that feeling when you’re looking at an old photo and your heart warms at the sight of a loved one? Imagine family members being able to get that same warm feeling when they look at photos and videos of your life. Your digital scrapbook should include you at all ages of life, videos and montages, stories of memorable moments in your life, and life milestones! Don’t skimp on this part – your family will thank you for it!

Pass down family items. This one seems to be the most common among the list. Many families have tea sets, china, or heirlooms that they’ve passed down from generation to generation. It is sentimental to know that your great Aunt Jean ate on the same plate as you! Sharing dinner can become much more when you know those precious items have been handed down for decades.

Other ways to leave a legacy include: Adding value to your field of work, endowing a scholarship, writing down the story of your life, or by simply being yourself. More blogs can be found on Let’s Reach Success, Huffington Post, and Daring to Live Fully.

So what will you leave for the next generation?

With StorySpot, you can create multiple digital time capsule and safeguard them from wear and tear for years to come. Plus, the ability to add so many more digital milestones and memories online creates a much more robust memento. With the addition of songs, audio, video, and slideshows – a digital time capsule is hands down something you should take time to create with your family.