Leaving a Legacy

Everything you need to include in your legacy drawer.

What in the world is a legacy drawer? Most people don’t know the exact answer, but everyone knows the importance of one. A legacy drawer is a box or drawer that contains all of you and your family’s important documents and information. It’s not easy to discuss the contents of a legacy drawer or to discuss why you need one in the first place. But let’s put it this way: spending a few days organizing a legacy drawer will leave space for family and friends to grieve properly.

What do you put in a legacy drawer, anyways? You should include anything and everything regarding family finances, legal documents, and future planning. You should include anything that would need to be “handled” if you were not around. All of this sounds overwhelming? To make it easy, we created a list of items that should be included with your legacy drawer items. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but merely a list to get you jump-started on ensuring your family is a little more prepared for an unfortunate event.

So, why do you need a legacy drawer? It doesn’t matter if you’re single with no kids, or if you have 58 grandchildren, your family should know what to do if you aren’t around. The most important reason to create a legacy drawer is so that family members can know how to respond to your wishes. Your family will be grieving and the last thing they need is to wonder, “what would they want me to know?”.

Where should you keep your legacy drawer? Your legacy drawer should be in a safe, easy-to-locate place ni your home. Don’t make things complicated by storing it under a hardwood panel or in a safety deposit box. Of course, you can keep copies in different places around your favorite locations, but the original copies should be kept in a well-know location in your home. Remember to keep it organized enough for people to find everything they need in under one minute. It should be clear, simple, and straight forward.

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